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Informal Learning Flow

 An interesting list of articles and posts from Informal Learning Flow –  August 1, 2009 to August 30, 2009 Featured Sources.


Corporate Blog Design

Smashing Magazine has a good article on curent trends in corpoarte blog design

Google cafferine

Google are in the process of making the biggest overhaul of their search technology since 2006. They have recently made a preview of their system available at The UI remains the same, but there has been a major rewrite under the hood.

Communities, Networks and what sits in between

Nancy White speaking on communities and networks.



By Jeffrey Zeldman on wisdom

When asked why there’s so much pain
Jesus and Buddha will tell me the same:
“Shit happens, and people change.”

How to use social media Strategically

How To Use Social Media Strategically in the Federal Government on Howcast
This is an outstanding 3 minute video on Social Media from General Services Administation (GSA) and

The video provides 6 “how-to” steps to implementing social media for the purposes of collaboration, information sharing, information exchange, keeping pace of fast moving events in real-time, and harnessing the collective ingenuity of the public to support mission.


From: The Total CIO

How People spend their time

Great interactive graphic from the Times depicting how people spend their time.